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Success Stories

As a direct lender, Dealstruck offers loans and lines of credit to businesses that the banks typically turn away. These packages
are custom built to ensure the success and growth of our clients so that they can eventually ‘graduate’ to the best possible
financing option.

These are a few stories of success that our clients have shared with us, with many more to come.

Borrowers like you all
throughout the U.S.

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy.
Unfortunately, banks turn down nearly 80% of
business loan applications because of their strict
underwriting standards.

Before Dealstruck began lending to small
businesses, many owners were forced to either
struggle with no financing, or take out unhealthy,
high interest rate loans.

Bravo Tax & Financial Services, Inc. Anaheim, CA
Meeting the Demands of A Quickly Growing Payroll
When Flavio Bravo launched BRAVO Tax & Financial Services, Inc. (“BRAVO”) he devoted his career to improving the financial future of individuals and small businesses alike. Founded on their availability and integrity, Flavio and his staff of highly trained tax preparation specialists pride themselves on holding loyal relationships with clients. BRAVO strives to be the […]
Debt refinancing, , working capital, receivables financing
Custom Lending Package:
$160,000 term loan at 20% APR for 24 months; increased to
$182,000 in a few months
$50,000 credit line at 14.99% APR
  • Expanded operations
  • Paid off high-interest debt
  • Tapped into new markets
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