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Bravo Tax & Financial Services, Inc.

Meeting the Demands of A Quickly Growing Payroll

  • Owner:

    Dan Surkin

  • Location:

    Anaheim, CA

  • Industry:

    Tax Services

  • Year in Business:

    11 years

When Flavio Bravo launched BRAVO Tax & Financial Services, Inc. (“BRAVO”) he devoted his career to improving the financial future of individuals and small businesses alike.

Founded on their availability and integrity, Flavio and his staff of highly trained tax preparation specialists pride themselves on holding loyal relationships with clients. BRAVO strives to be the most valued choice in the Hispanic marketplace for its financial/business products and services, seeking to help its clients resolve their financial problems and reach their life goals. By addressing current financial needs; effectively resolving past tax, credit, and legal problems; and offering a variety of partnership programs; BRAVO is able to prepare clients for a better financial future and provide the highest quality services.

Over time, and through a joint venture with Palmer Financial and a joint venture with Jeff Peterson, BRAVO has targeted regional expansion opportunities throughout the United States into areas with high concentrations of Hispanics,including 18 different states within the U.S.

Though BRAVO has recently seen great success and is continuing to grow, its road to success has come with its share of challenges.

BRAVO struggled with growth and expansion due to negative experiences with Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) that nearly led the company to file for bankruptcy.

“I was robbed by scammers. They gave me $45,000, but payback was $69,000 in a short period of time,” said Flavio. “I went to other similar companies after that, but I ended up paying $1,000 a day in fees. That’s when I found Dealstruck – it was like an angel coming to save me.”

Dealstruck initially connected with Flavio in June 2014. Dealstruck provided a $160,000 term loan  used for debt refinancing and working capital, at an interest rate of 20%, followed by an additional  $182,000 term loan for debt refinancing in August at the same rate. Once Flavio was able to get his company back on its feet, he received a credit line of $50,000 with a 14.99% interest rate.  “

“I love my relationship with Dealstruck right now. Not only was I able to get out of the place I was in and grow the business, I have a much better cash flow situation. My experience with Dealstruck is nonetheless the best experience I had in the 25 plus years of being self-employed. No other institution has come through as Dealstruck ever did.”

As he centers his small business on helping other small businesses, Flavio can identify with the Dealstruck mission to help other small businesses in need – as well as the economy. Flavio continues to be an advocate for Dealstruck today and is always eager to recommend Dealstruck to his small business clients who need another helping hand.