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Success Stories

As a direct lender, Dealstruck offers loans and lines of credit to businesses that the banks typically turn away. These packages
are custom built to ensure the success and growth of our clients so that they can eventually ‘graduate’ to the best possible
financing option.

These are a few stories of success that our clients have shared with us, with many more to come.

Borrowers like you all
throughout the U.S.

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy.
Unfortunately, banks turn down nearly 80% of
business loan applications because of their strict
underwriting standards.

Before Dealstruck began lending to small
businesses, many owners were forced to either
struggle with no financing, or take out unhealthy,
high interest rate loans.

Jiva Active
Jiva Active Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Leggings aren't Just for Yoga Anymore
Florida native Nikki Aliseo graduated from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale in 2010 with a degree in graphic design. She spent time in the corporate world, first in product development for children’s sports equipment and then working on iPhone accessories and packaging design for iHome in New York. But the call of home was […]
Inventory, operating capital
Custom Lending Package:
$75,000 inventory credit line
  • Increase inventory purchases
  • Ability to take on larger customers
  • Normalize cash flow
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4TheWeb Denver, CO
Let's Get Digital
When native Coloradans Josh and Brittany Race were married in 2012, they knew they wanted to be their own bosses. But the question was, doing what? Up to that point, Josh worked more traditional jobs and Brittany built a steady revenue stream through affiliate marketing efforts online, but they were ready to hang their shingle […]
Expansion capital
Custom Lending Package:
Initial $25,000 term loan at 22%
New $50,000 term loan at 16.99%
  • Increase headcount
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Equipment purchases
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A Sparkly Future Ahead for Bay Area Window Genie Dublin, CA
How are copiers and sparkling windows connected?  In the case of John Townsley, one led to the other.  John spent 25 years in the copy industry, moving from service to sales.  Despite being very successful, John felt the siren call of small business ownership and finally answered.  Since he had extensive experience working with clients, […]
Expansion capital
Custom Lending Package:
Term Loan
  • Expanded payroll
  • Purchased equipment and supplies
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Dame Products New York, NY
Making the World a Happier Place
Almost like a sitcom, some mistaken identity and crazy timing led to the first real innovation in “intimacy products” in decades. Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine, millennial visionaries, had the same idea—create a personal toy that focused on what women really want and not just variations on the same old poor design and subpar materials. […]
Inventory purchasing
Custom Lending Package:
Inventory Line of Credit
  • Normalized cash flow
  • Increased buying power
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ServPro Franchise Owner Cleaning & Restoration Corp.
ServPro Franchise Owner Cleaning & Restoration Corp. Miami, FL
Operating expenses, equipment, inventory line required for expansion
Custom Lending Package:
$60,000 term loan at 18% APR
$50,000 line of credit at 18.99% APR
  • Purchased new equipment
  • Working capital
  • Affordable payments
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