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Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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The cleaning industry, estimated at $50B, is one of the fastest growing service sectors in the U.S. Dealstruck offers business loans and lines of credit for companies that specialize in commercial and Industrial cleaning and janitorial services. We’ve seen tremendous growth in this sector over the last few years, and we’ve helped countless cleaning businesses get loans and lines of credit to expand their locations, hire staff, and borrow against accounts receivable. Make sure your commercial cleaning company is well-positioned to take advantage of the increase in demand as office vacancies continue to decline and office buildings look to reduce maintenance costs by outsourcing.

How Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Service Business Loans Can Help Your Business

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To hire
new staff

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Buy the
newest equipment

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Purchase the
newest supplies

Why choose a Dealstruck Loan?


Cash tied up in invoices?

No problem, borrow against them. Access your money when you need it.


Your Customers are yours

Retaining ownership of your invoices means you own your relationships with your customers.


It’s not factoring

This is a true credit line. Your available balance increases with each payment. It’s a truly revolving credit line.


You retain ownership

Your accounts receivable remain your own. We don’t buy them, we lend against them – it’s a credit line!


Processing made easy

No more hassling with submitting each and every invoice. Our credit line allows you to borrow against the whole outstanding balance, not just one invoice at a time.


No payments

You read that right, make no payments. Your customers pay off your credit line for you when they pay their invoices.

Three simple requirements


1+ years in business

Congratulations, you’ve made it 12 months! Now it’s time to start growing.


600+ personal credit score

You’ve proven you can handle your money, now you can handle ours.


$150,000 annual revenue

Averaging $12,500 per month? That kind of growth means you’re ready for more.

Dealstruck offers a variety of
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