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Success Stories

As a direct lender, Dealstruck offers loans and lines of credit to businesses that the banks typically turn away. These packages
are custom built to ensure the success and growth of our clients so that they can eventually ‘graduate’ to the best possible
financing option.

These are a few stories of success that our clients have shared with us, with many more to come.

Borrowers like you all
throughout the U.S.

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy.
Unfortunately, banks turn down nearly 80% of
business loan applications because of their strict
underwriting standards.

Before Dealstruck began lending to small
businesses, many owners were forced to either
struggle with no financing, or take out unhealthy,
high interest rate loans.

The Orchid Boutique Miami, FL
Fashion Forward Financing
In 2007, the husband-and-wife team of Ivan Rincon and Mayra Jimenez opened The Orchid Boutique, an online retailer of designer ladies’ swimwear. Based in the sunny South Beach are of Miami, the store is a regular for locals, and has a following of fashionable women all over who appreciate the unique designs available at The Orchid […]
Debt consolidation, inventory
Custom Lending Package:
$250,000 term loan at 10% APR
$120,000 inventory credit line at 10.75% APR
  • Eliminated reliance on expensive daily debit Merchant Cash Advances
  • Easy to manage monthly payments
  • Ability to draw against credit line as needed
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5 Star Home Health & Hospice, LLC Orem, UT
Bringing Comfort Home
Jorge Gustavo Gonzalez lives to help others and was able to turn that calling into a successful business. After working as an office manager and in marketing for a large home health care company, he and a friend decided to strike out on their own. Together, they founded 5 Star Home Health & Hospice, LLC […]
Partner buyout, expansion
Custom Lending Package:
Term loans of $223,000 and $26,000 at 20% APR each
Credit line of $50,000 at 18.99% APR
  • Partner buyout
  • Capital for expansion
  • Ability to draw against credit line as needed
  • Built business credit history
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The Lobos Truck Los Angeles, CA
Expanding A Line of Business
Known as one of the top food trucks in L.A. and home to the famous “Wachos” (the highly rated marriage of waffle fries and nachos), The Lobos Truck began just as many startup businesses do: they experienced challenges with capital and growth. Find out how owners Jasmine and DJ worked with Dealstruck a $110,000 term loan and a $60,000 line of credit.
Debt refinancing, purchase trucks for expansion, new revenue stream
Custom Lending Package:
$60,000 term loan for 24 months;
Credit line up to $60,000
  • Paid off $150k in high-interest daily-debit loans
  • Purchased a new truck
  • Opened a new line of sauces that customers can purchase online
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Dickey’s BBQ Dallas, TX
Expansion of a Family Business
Dickey's Barbecue Pit, a restaurant founded in Dallas, TX, set out to perfect and revolutionize Texas-style barbecue. Barbecue is a regional cuisine found mostly in southern states, and Dickey’s is hoping to change that one restaurant at a time. As it continues to expand from coast to coast, customers are wooed by the home-style flavor and family friendly atmosphere.
Vendor payments, Restaurant build-out, Equipment
Custom Lending Package:
Joseph Enueshike: $175,000 term loan at 18% APR
Dan Pelfrey: $250,000 term loan at 24% APR
  • Fast, direct access to capital
  • Vendors paid on time
  • No construction delays
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ComForCare Lower Bucks County, PA
Keeping Up With Increasing Demand
In 2012, Dan Surkin started ComForCare, a home healthcare company based out of Pennsylvania. Within three years, ComForCare was the 18th most successful of 174 franchises. With that success came the problem of keeping a health cash flow. By partnering with Dealstruck, he was able to use a $120,000 term loan and an $80,000 line of credit to keep growing.
Finance payroll, , manage cash flow,, debt refinance
Custom Lending Package:
$120,000 term loan for 24 months
Credit line up to $80,000, increased to $125,000 as business grew
  • Paid off high-interest daily-debit loans
  • Were able to take on more clients
  • Grew to 112 employees and moved up to #18 out of 174 franchises
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