For successful small business owners, it’s important to capitalize on growth opportunities, which inevitably requires more capital and small business financing. Luckily there is no shortage of financing options for businesses on the market today, but understanding the trade-off between costs and benefits for each is no piece of cake.

As an expert in small business lending, Dealstruck has created a comprehensive and unbiased infographic that helps businesses understand their loan options. First, we start with the basic language you should familiarize yourself with when it comes to business lending. Next, we discuss traditional small business (SMB) and SBA lending, including a document checklist and questions you should be prepared to answer.

Then, we explain the options for short-term SMB lending, including factoring and merchant cash advance. Finally, we explain a newer business loan category – investment lending, which includes traditional term loans, an asset based line of credit, and an inventory line of credit.

After reading the fundamentals of each, it may still be unclear which financing option is for you. Jump to our later section “The Best Option for Your Business” and also check out our Lending Option Chart that gives you an at-a-glance comparison of financial products.

Ultimately our infographic highlights key points of different business financing available, and it’s a great starting point when exploring your options. You can further your knowledge with our eBook, The Guide to Small Business Financing. The eBook dives into each financial product even further with examples, charts, and tips. Knowledge is power!

It is our hope at Dealstruck that the infographic and eBook will help you feel confident as you pursue your loan options. We know you have a bright future in mind for your business, so make sure you leverage the right financing option to ensure continued success for your business.

Further your knowledge with our comprehensive eBook, The Guide to Small Business Financing.

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