Dealstruck has just released a comprehensive eBook that helps business owners navigate through the various financing options available today. The eBook, Dealstruck’s Small Business Financing Guide, breaks out loan types in chapters, each with insider tips, charts and examples.

The first chapter covers the fundamentals of business lending, explaining key terms and concepts that are essential to know as a business owner. The proceeding chapters dive into traditional small business (SMB) and SBA lending, short-term SMB lending – including factoring and merchant cash advance – and investment lending – including traditional term loans, asset based lines of credit and inventory lines of credit.

For each business financing type, the eBook explains how they work and how the payments are structured. Ultimately, the small business financing guide helps business owners determine which option is best for their business needs.

As experts in business lending, Dealstruck understands that financing is key to leveraging your business success and furthering your business growth. We’re here to help you make an informed decision. Secure your future success and download our free Small Business Financing Guide at