Filling a gap in a team is a delicate balance. You want someone with all the right qualifications, of course, but it’s much more complicated than that.

As the Director of Credit here at Dealstruck, I’ve hired many an employee. Let me lend you some of my expertise with these tips for separating out the right people from the piles of resumes.

Set Clear Expectations
No matter how capable a candidate is, that person is doomed to fail if he or she arrives at work on the first day with no idea what is expected, or expecting something entirely different. Make sure this person knows what responsibilities he or she will have and what a typical day will entail.

Use Referrals
Trust has to be earned, and strangers are at a disadvantage by nature. Ask friends you trust and respect who they would recommend. Their first hand experience can’t be quantified on a resume or application. Plus, in my experience, candidates who are interviewing because they’ve been recommended tend to take the matter more seriously and perform better overall.

Look for Drive
When considering prospects who came to you in other ways, you’re looking for more than the right education and experience. You’re looking for motivation, not someone who just shows up, does the job, and leaves.

In the interview, focus on the above and beyond. Find out what this person did – without being asked to do it – that made a difference. Did she take on extra projects? Did he have an idea that saved the company money or made it more efficient? Get the specifics about the project and its results.

Think Big Picture
Coworkers spend a lot of time together, and it’s easy to lose focus if one team member can’t get along with others. Think of the existing team, the many personalities, and imagine this person working with them. Will he mesh with the team? Will she bring out the best in her partners?

Finding the right addition to the team can seem impossible, but if you focus on these key points, you’ll set yourself and your candidates up for success.