Black Friday, Christmas, Hannukah, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. What do these holidays have in common?

They’re all a part of the long list of events that create huge shopping surges during the winter. Consumers flock to stores during these holidays to cash in on promotional sales and to buy gifts for their loved ones.

And this consumer rush doesn’t apply to big businesses alone. Small businesses can cash in on the holiday season, too.

Would you like to learn about some sweet holiday business tips to help your small business grow? You’re in the right place.

Keep reading for eight failproof tricks and marketing ideas to boost your business this winter. Let’s get started!

1. Mark Your Calendar

A successful holiday season begins with careful planning. The first step in creating a great holiday marketing plan is to mark your calendar.

Research the biggest shopping days of the year and write them down. To cash in on the ‘days of spending’, you’ll need to take advantage of each and every one of these holidays.

2. Create Tempting Promotions

In this day and age, consumers are doing more internet research than ever around the holiday season. But what are they scouring the web for?

Sales and discounts! So if you want your small business to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to cook up some irresistible promotions. Here are some promotional marketing tips and ideas to get you started.

Extend Your Hours

The holiday season is busy for shoppers. Help them out by extending your store hours and expanding your customer service capabilities.

Offer Gift Cards

If you don’t already, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to start offering gift certificates in your store. Not only will they bring in tons of shoppers looking for uncomplicated gifts, but they’ll also bring in new business when the recipients come in to redeem them.

Throw Fun Events

Do you own a cooking supply store? Host a cooking class.

Do you own an art supply store? Host a painting class.

Are you getting the gist? Whatever your small business specializes in, create some buzz around your community by hosting a corresponding event.


It’s simple: people love free stuff. Capitalize on this eternal truth by offering freebies when people buy products or services from your small business.

To make these giveaways worth your while, hand them out based on customers’ purchases. For example, you could give away a free tote bag for people who spend over $50 in your store, etc.

3. Use Social Media

Social media should be a part of your small business’ digital marketing efforts at all times. But during the holidays, it’s essential.

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to prep your customer base for upcoming holidays and promotions. Don’t forget to interact with clients on these platforms, which in turn will create leads and sales for your business.

4. The Holiday Season Is for Giving

Generosity is a cornerstone of many winter holidays. By making kindness and charity a part of your small business this holiday season, you can feel good and make a positive impact on your sales.

For example, throwing a holiday party for your employees is both generous and helpful. You can show your staff how much you appreciate them, and in turn, they’ll work even harder and pass on the good vibes to your customers.

The same idea applies when giving back to your community. After all, small businesses depend on locals to stay afloat.

Show your community your appreciation by hosting a fundraiser or charity event. They’ll recognize and reciprocate your kindness.

5. Make It Personal

Part of the charm of small businesses is their accessibility. Instead of shopping at a huge corporation run by an unreachable CEO, customers enjoy knowing and recognizing the staff and owners of local businesses.

Tap into this perk by getting personal this holiday season. If you have a store, be sure to visit often and make conversation with your customers.

And even if your business is online, you can use email and social media to share your face and story. Getting personal will make people feel good about supporting your small business.

6. Be Inclusive

There are many religious holidays celebrated during the winter months. Keep in mind that no matter which holidays you choose to enjoy with your family, your patrons may live with a different faith, if any at all.

While creating the perfect holiday marketing scheme for your small business, keep inclusivity in mind at all times. Your shop should feel welcoming and warm to all.

7. Keep Your Target Customer in Mind

Although it’s important to offer hospitality to anyone who wishes to shop with you this holiday season, it’s also vital to keep your target customer in mind. Before you decide on your marketing plan, consider who is most likely to purchase your products or services.

While creating your holiday marketing strategies, consider this target customer. Try to meet their needs at every turn.

8. Special Touches

The holidays are a time for thankfulness and spending quality time with loved ones. But they can also cause stress. The pressure to buy gifts for everyone in your life can sometimes feel like a hassle.

Ease this burden for your customers in small ways that make a big difference. Offer free gift wrapping, expedited shipping, and any other perks that will make their holiday shopping feel like a breeze.

Happy Holidays

Enjoy the festivities of this winter season and watching your small business grow. After all, the holiday season is the best time of year to help your company flourish and your sales boom.

For the best results, plan ahead and use promotions and discounts to attract new customers. Stay in the kind spirit of the holidays by getting personal with your client base and focusing on inclusivity. And remember, special touches like gift wrapping and quick shipping are great incentives for stressed-out shoppers.

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