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America’s Biggest Billion Dollar Over-Achiever/Criminal/Philanthropist

A self-made, ruthless business man AND the first mega philanthropist? Yep, that's John D. Rockefeller.
Five Minute Trivia Whats Your Money Made Of

Five-Minute Trivia: What’s Your Money Made Of?

What we call “paper” money isn’t actually paper at all.
Can Apple Really Buy North Korea

Can Apple Really Buy North Korea?

What companies have enough money to buy countries?
The Worlds First Banks Were Religious Temples

The World’s First Banks Were Religious Temples

While democracy makes a point of separating church and state, the history of money is inextricably tied to religion.
Five Minute Fun Facts for your Labor Day

Five-Minute Fun Facts for your Labor Day

It's Labor Day! Here are some fun and historical facts about the last federal holiday of the summer.
Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Kids are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and they're headed back to school any minute. We should be encouraging that imaginative, unlimited part of their brains. Here's how.

The Future of Money: Bitcoin and Digital Currencies

The phrase “cash is king” is quickly becoming out of date. Most money isn’t money at all – not in a bills, coins, cows, or even gold bullion kind of way, at least. It’s information on a computer. When we’re talking about dollars, or the other 100+ traditional currencies in the world, this information on […]

Why do Germans order two beers at a time?

In 1923, Germans would rather burn cash for heat, or even use it as wallpaper, before spending it. A suitcase filled with money couldn’t even buy a newspaper. In fact, some say that when a customer left his wheelbarrow of cash outside a store, when he returned a thief stole the wheelbarrow and left the […]

Five-Minute Trivia: Fun with Financial Firsts

Name that Word! A Finance Trivia Game for Word Nerds

We throw around a lot of slang for money – lettuce, dough, clams, moola, smackers – pretty much any noun works in the right context, but the seemingly mundane words have the most interesting histories behind them. Can you guess the words based on their origins? Let’s find out! Scroll carefully to hide the answers […]

Five-Minute Fun Facts for your Memorial Day

How to Jump from a Moving Train

The story of Pete McCartney reads like a crime thriller… but it’s not fiction. In 1864, after getting caught forging up to $100,000 in phony bologna, an infamous Indianapolis counterfeiter was on his way to Washington D.C. to meet justice. His arms and legs were shackled, and guards were everywhere, so he sat and he […]

Cash May Be King, But the King is Disgusting

Cash is really, really gross. How gross is it, and why do we keep touching it? Find out here.

The Secret Service Wasn’t Meant to Protect the President

Today, the Secret Service is famous for protecting the president, but that's not why it was formed. Find out why...

The First Women of Finance

It’s time to take a moment and celebrate the first women nearest to Dealstruck’s hearts – the first women of finance. The first females in the world of sports, arts, and science are legendary, but these savvy ladies fought just as hard to bust through the glass ceiling and earn their places in history. Introducing […]

Five-Minute Fun Facts about the New York Stock Exchange

Today, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is a global institution. Billions of shares in thousands of companies are traded there every day, but it had an interesting and, dare I say humble, beginning. I heart NA? The NYSE was not the world’s first stock exchange – Amsterdam did it a few years earlier. (Now […]

Crazy Currencies You’d Never Guess

Some very strange and unexpected things have been used as money in mankind’s long history. Before capitalism was capitalism, before we invented printed or metal currency, and before imperialism spread said currency to less developed countries, civilizations decided all by themselves that one specific thing was worth trading for something else. One would expect that […]

The First Credit Card: A Meal That Changed the World

Credit has been helping people buy things they need but can’t afford up front, for centuries. Small metal plates and coins served as official I.O.U.s for some major department stores as early as 1865. Certain hotels, gas companies and restaurants offered credit that could only be used at their own locations, but the first proper […]

How Inflation Helped End the Civil War

The federal government (“the North”) and the Confederacy (“the South”) took two very different paths when it came to funding the American Civil War. The Confederacy chose wrong, and lost. The causes and stakes were deep and complex, but principles aside, the outcome of the Civil War boils down to dollars and cents. The American […]

Seven Life Hacks for your Lucky Penny

When was the last time you spent a penny? As exact change becomes uncommon and more little copper coins build up in jars, you may question how useful the one-cent wonder really is these days. Apparently, the answer is very useful indeed. Billions of pennies are minted every year – that’s millions per day, or […]

The Richest Little Country in the World

The Vatican is a fascinating little place, and “little” can only be used to describe its acreage. Though it’s called “Vatican City,” it is actually its own sovereign country with its own post office, laws, and mint, where it prints its own currency called Vatican lira. While the City’s borders boast just over 100 acres […]