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Inventory Line of Credit

Let us buy your inventory for you.

Keep your cash and let Dealstruck pay your suppliers. Our inventory-based line of credit allows you to retain your money for operations, new opportunities, and unexpected expenses.

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Inventory Credit Line

Line of Credit Limit


Credit Line Draws

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Opportunities and Uses

  • Pay only interest up to 8 weeks on your line draws while you wait to receive the inventory from your vendor.
  • Increase your buying power by taking advantage of cash and/or volume discounts.
  • As a truly revolving line of credit, your available cash replenishes as you pay down the balance.
  • Lumpy cash flow? Not anymore. Use your inventory line of credit to manage expenses while your products sell.

Customer Success

“I figured there’s got to be something out there besides MCAs and banks… What influenced me to make the change [to Dealstruck] was the line of credit that gives me access to more capital to keep growing. It has allowed me to buy more product and grow more quickly than when I was using the MCA.”

success zadeh

Michael Zadeh
ZadehKicks, eCommerce Seller

“Small business loans are the only way I can be a player in this space, which I plan to be…The financing options were clear and the rates affordable. I absolutely recommend Dealstruck to other small business owners.”

success mommy

Winter Taylor
Mommy Makes the Money, LLC, Amazon Seller

Why choose a Dealstruck Loan?


Revolving credit line

As you pay off your line, you increase the amount available. And you can borrow more as needed.


Interest Free Period

We know it can take a while for your inventory to arrive. That’s why we have up to 8 weeks of interest only payments to give you a little breathing room.


Increase your buying power

Want to buy more goods than your cash on hand allows? Now you can, and take advantage of cash and volume discounts too.


Take what you need

When you need it. Borrow the right amounts at the right time for inventory purchases.


Free up your cash

Let us pay your invoices so you can use your cash for other operating expenses. Like payroll or rent.


Weekly Payments

Daily payments are a thing of the past. Weekly schedule makes payments easier to manage.

Three simple requirements


1+ years in business

Congratulations, you’ve made it 12 months! Now it’s time to start growing.


600+ personal credit score

You’ve proven you can handle your money, now you can handle ours.


$150,000 annual revenue

Averaging $12,500 per month? That kind of growth means you’re ready for more.

Our Inventory Line of Credit is perfect for retailers and other product-driven businesses.

Watch our helpful video to learn how Amy
uses her inventory line of credit to ensure
her shelves are stocked and products are
ready to sell.

Questions? Call us at (855) 610-5626 or e-mail us at sales@dealstruck.com